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Climate education has grown exponentially in the last decade as the pressure to act on climate change increases. The complexities and scope of the climate crisis is significant, and therefore the importance of educating each other about it must expand and continue. An ethnographic research study of this media niche will align with Airoldi’s suggestion that a distinction between contextual fields of online communities and meta-fields stemming from scattered communicative content, is necessary to understanding users’ online social practices. A field map has been delineated to secure boundaries in understanding the following fields of inquiry:

  • How can climate education content be engaging for a broad audience?
    • How have other platforms succeeded?
    • What engages the non-environmentalist?
    • Is there a favour for historical/current events/theories/concepts
    • How are they best communicated? Video/infographic/magazines

This research will be conducted through a participatory approach as I will build my online persona within the niche. I will engage with the niche through an Instagram platform called ‘The Hopeful Environmentalist’.

I aim to observe similar platforms and what techniques they use to engage large audiences. I will attempt to use a range of techniques myself including infographics, sharing current events, and relevant quotes from key personas in the niche to monitor the levels of engagement I have with my audience through Instagram analytics.

Schedule of research and production

Through an autoethnographic approach, the climate education niche will be critically observed through a constructivist theoretical framework with a focus on qualitative data. By problematising the niche, I hope to build skills in:

  • Mapping
  • Narrowing
  • Sensitivity
  • Comparing
  • Including
  • Exploring
  • Approaching
  • Perspective

The Digital Artefact will emphasise inclusivity and will be ethically aware of confidentiality, harm, and honesty. The final project will collate all methodological notes with additional research to better understand the ways in which climate education can reach a broader audience.


Airoldi, M., 2018. Ethnography and the digital fields of social media. International Journal of Social Research Methodology21(6), pp.661-673.

Ellis, C., Adams, T.E. and Bochner, A.P., 2011. Autoethnography: an overview. Historical social research/Historische sozialforschung, pp.273-290.

4 thoughts on “The Hopeful Environmentalist: Pitch

  1. Hi Hannah,
    This is probably my most favourite pitch out of all the others that I have reviewed. Not only were you able to communicate your idea in a no-nonsense straight to the point kind of way you’re also basing your DA on something that is very important, not only to me personally but to many other people that may come across your account.
    I would like to motivate and support your research and DA, this is definitely something that must continue to be talked about in every which way or form and to be seen by as many people as possible. Thank you so much for using your platform to spread awareness about the environment.

    Regarding the marking rubric, I think your pitch is perfect, you’ve referenced the readings, and relevant topics in your own words. Your mind map is great and you seem to have your research planned out well.

    I’m not sure if you’re an avid TED talk viewer but I recommend this talk by John Marshall that I’ve recently come across.

    This speech is amazing and brings up key points in talking about the environment and how we are basically killing it. And that is language, which I think is relevant to our ethnographic research as well and may give you an idea on areas in which to focus on in your report. Either way it is a great listen and I hope you will continue your DA, or rather, your determination to speak on the environment well after the subject is finished.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Happy writings!


  2. Hi Hannah,

    I absolutely love the idea of your DA and how your niche focuses on a really important issue in society currently. Your pitch is clear, engaging and presented well and you’ve drawn on a few academic sources and subject materials which demonstrates your understanding of the task. I also find it interesting how you will be conducting participatory research which will be observed by a constructivist theoretical framework. Since you mentioned that you will be building an online persona by studying this niche, I believe this source will be helpful:

    Perhaps you could utilise this source while examining your online persona and how it develops, changes and adapts according to your experiences while studying this media niche. I also appreciate the inclusion of your ethical considerations within this task as it shows your commitment and is a strong indicator of a successful authoethnographer. Can’t wait to see what you have planned!



  3. Hey Hannah! Your pitch and blog have been beautifully presented! I’m really excited to see where you go with this DA as mine is similar, focussing more on unethical fashion practices.

    You gave a clear understanding of the direction your DA is headed with confidence which I loved! You clearly outlined your aim for an autoethnographic approach which was helpful as an audience member to understand your purpose and direction. The emphasis of inclusivity was a clever topic to include as well!

    In terms of the positive achievements we have accomplished as a society, this article explains the wins we’re having in saving the environment and reversing the damage that has been done. You could use your platform to really shed light from an optimistic standpoint as well!

    Overall a really awesome pitch!


  4. hey hey!! sorry this is late i had an extension 🙂

    I really, and I mean really, enjoyed your pitch! I love that its about something so drastically important right now, how information you were in your writing and explanations. Its really clear and easy to understand without being “simplistic”, which really aids in getting a broad range of audiences to engage with your niche. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone, personally anyway, relate to a constructivist framwork as you which makes this really stand out!

    I loved the layout of your blog post, its structure was nice. purhaps in the future you could get even more creative with it, maybe a little more colourful? this isn’t to say your post right now is bad at all! I’m honestly just struggling to give future ideas. 🙂 I found this really interesting in engaging with Australia’s climate crisis and bushfires, especially as someone who lives rural and encounter them a lot!


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