The Hopeful Environmentalist: Beta

Beta Video

Since the project pitch, the autoethnographic research process has progressed extensively. The Hopeful Environmentalist has become a successful small-scale platform and active persona within the climate education media niche. Through a participatory approach, utilising the Five Dimensions of Online Persona and by observing other key persona’s within the niche such as Atmos., Earthrise, and Impact, individuality has been found in the focus on hopeful content. My persona has been influenced by these platforms, shaped through the epiphanies and observations made of the media niche and what innovative content is needed and wanted by the audience.

Expanding on Expertise

The following are expertise outlined in the pitch that I hoped to utilise, that have been integral throughout the autoethnographic process to understand my media niche:

  • Mapping – Used to map the field map
  • Narrowing – Used to narrow the media niche, and note key epiphanies
  • Sensitivity – Used for ethical considerations, including inclusivity, in creating content
  • Comparing – Used to compare platforms, mediums, personas, content
  • Including – Closely linked to sensitivity, used to created a sense of community through hope with the persona
  • Exploring – Different ways to gain reach, eg. posting reels vs. posts, different accounts, platforms
  • Approaching – Looking at different ways to approach through the constructivist framework, learning and re approaching differently
  • Perspective – Using perspective of being a small-scale account, but still having the ability to gain deep knowledge and understanding of the media niche by participating and becoming a persona

These skills have guided the autoethnographic process, and fostered a deeper knowledge of the media niche, through a reflection on my personal experience as an audience member in the climate education niche.

5 thoughts on “The Hopeful Environmentalist: Beta

  1. I love the concept of your DA and I feel it is a great topic to have in depth interactions with your audience. You seem to be knowledgeable about the different theories that can be implemented into your DA and it seems you have utilized them well. Your video is interesting and aesthetically pleasing and you sound very passionate which is great. It is fantastic to see how you have benefited from your peer feedback. Perhaps you could add Tags and categories also? Some extra references to help expand on your ideas could be beneficial. Maybe you could also go into more detail about any ethical considerations you make need to make? Overall, you have a very interesting and well researched DA. I have attached below an interesting book about ethics and social media you might find interesting.

    Beninger, K., 2017. Social media users’ views on the ethics of social media research. The Sage Handbook of Social Media Research Methods. London: Sage, pp.57-73.


  2. Hi Hannah,

    I love the idea of your DA and it seems like it’s progressing really well so far which is great! I like how you admitted that your original timeline schedule was too ambitious so you have adjusted it according to what suits you best. This is great as it shows you are really emphasising quality over quantity and that you are altering your DA in order for the best outcome. To help further your research, I found this source:

    This source is research on problem-based learning through a constructivist framework. While the journal article does focus on problem-based learning in a school environment, I think it is still applicable to your own research as the aim of your DA is to inform and educate others about the problem of climate change. I also like how you have outlined the expertise you have utilised within the creation of your DA. Can’t wait to see your DA grow, it seems like you are definitely on the right track so far!


  3. hey, hey!

    i remember commenting on your pitch for this project and i cannot tell you how excited i am to see it grow! you have a very detailed and clear comprehension of your goals, you project and you have been able to relay that to your audience all the while linking back to lecture understandings.
    your blog is lovely, your video is too. you draw back to framework, notes and overall a large amount of content from the subject. you can clearly see the progression of this project overtime. i like how you mentioned things that didn’t work as well. its so encouraging to see someone so aligned with environmentalism and i applaud!! 🙂
    i know this source focuses in youtube and the pandemic, but i think it might be helpful in utilising social media as way to educate the public on certain topics and might be helpful,5#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DQsR1DI4A1YUJ


  4. Hey Hannah, I loved your beta video as it gave such an insightful summary of your DA, your ethnographic research and you explained your content creation really well too. I found it really helpful when you explained what you found within your research at the beginning of your video as it gives a great understanding of your research methods and how you came about finding out information to better your DA. It can be seen that you are using the Constructive framework method to understand your media niche further. It was also great to see your insights about the posts and the comparison you had between reels and just regular posts. If you haven’t already, I would recommend using hashtags to gain a wider audience and specifically to nail down to your niche audience too, the impact can be great but it also will allow audiences to find your account too.
    ( Here is a helpful website that breaks it down further to understand how to use them correctly- I loved how you implemented your pitch feedback into your beta and explained how you benefited from it. Your blog post was very informative and the useful links you used were great to support your blog too. Having outlined the auto-ethnographic styles of research, supported by links and previous blogs was a great visual to see key skills that you have used within your research and DA. Has your persona/media niche changed over this period of time? It would have been great to see if you addressed these a little further or mentioned if anything has changed between the start to now.
    I have loved being able to watch your DA develop and your beta was really encouraging to see your development as well!


  5. Hey Hannah! Your progress of your da is amazing to see and seems to be coming along really well. Your beta is very detailed and covers everything, showing how well you have planned this. Your use of the subject materials is great, along with other sources. I also love how you are focusing on the quality of your work over the quantity, this will allow you to produce your best work. There is little to fault, although I would recommend this source,, that will further help you use the framework with your social media platforms
    Can’t wait to see more of your DA in the upcoming weeks and good luck!


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